Mualaf from Germany (1) – Six Articles of Faith

adat Jawa

adat Jawa

kawin adat Jawa

kawin adat Jawa

dr Ugi Suginem SpRad

dr Suginem Mudjiantoro SpRad

Sudah ada dua orang kawan SMA-ku dari Pati yang meminta tolong kepada saya untuk membantu putri-putri mereka menjaga iman Islam mereka. Kedua putri Indonesia anak dari kawan SMA-ku itu kawin dengan laki2 dari Jerman. Beda kota dan beda waktu, namun mempunyai kesamaan yaitu kedua cowoknya ‘mualaf’. Kedua laki2 Jerman itu telah mengucapkan kalimat shahadat, artinya kedua laki2 Jerman itu sudah resmi masuk Islam, dan kedua pasangan itu kawin secara Islam, keduanya direstui oleh orang tua masing2.

Saya bukan uztad. Saya bukan ahli agama Islam. Saya bukan pendakwah Islam. Saya setuju akan membantu kedua kawan SMA-ku dengan ikhlas, hanya mengharapkan ridho dari Allah. Apa yang saya tahu tentang Islam akan saya share kepada kedua orang Jerman mualaf yang telah mengawini putri Indonesia yang Islam.

Ilmu Islam itu dasarnya Al Quran dan Hadits. Mempelajari Islam dari Al Quran dan Hadits itu,masya Allah, luas sekali, besar sekali, dan tidak ada batasannya. Semakin lama mempelajari Islam, semakin tahu betapa manusia itu kecil sekali, seperti sebutir pasir di padang pasir. Literatur Al Quran itu luar biasa banyaknya, luar biasa jumlahnya, dan luar biasa luasnya. Ada yang dibahas dari segi science, dari segi art, dari segi philosophy, ada memakai research dan kemudian dianalisa, ada yang dari segi Theology, dari segi ethics dan lain2nya.

Ini tulisan saya yang pertama, tentang Enam Rukun Iman, yang saya tulis ketika Radip dan Dina kawin dibulan Oktober 2007 yang lalu. Pengetahuan yang sangat mendasar dari Islam, yang wajib diyakini oleh semua muslem. Sekarang dikenal dengan nama ‘165’ yaitu Satu Ihsan, Enam Rukun Iman dan Lima Rukun Islam.

Speech, after the Ritual of Testimony of Faith (Kalima)
Saturday, October 2007 at 10:00 a.m.
Bismillahhirrohmaanhirrohim. Assalamu’allaikumWarahmatullah Wabarakatuh.
All the praise and thanks be to Allah, the Lord of ‘Alamin (Mankind, Jinns and all the exists) and peace be upon the Master of the Messengers, Nabi Mohammad SAW the last of the prophets and upon his brothers and whoever follows him with benevolence until the Day of Resurrections. .
My name is Gufron, I am classmate of Ibu dokter Suginem Ugi, I was Rome Catholiek before. I converted to muslim in 1973, in front of Buya Hamka. Buya was my first guru, mentor and supervisor. He changed my original name Gabriel Sumariyono to new name Gufron Sumariyono. People now call me Gufron. I am very happy and very proud with my new name Gufron Sumariyono.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I am highly honoured to give a speech in this special occasion “The Ritual of Testimony of Faith of Mr Sudip Masoji.

The objective of this ritual is a verbal declaration of Mr Sudip Masoji to believe in Allah and makes obedience to Him a duty. The Muslim concept of worship is very broad. Muslims consider everything they do in life to be act of worship, if it is done according to Allah’s guidance. To strengthen a muslim faith and obedience there are five of pillars of worships. We called it in bahasa Indonesia 5 Rukun Islam.
1. Testimony of faith (Kalima)
2. Prayer (Salat)
3. Fasting (Sawm)
4. Almsgiving (Zakat)
5. Pilgrimage (Hajj)

What do Muslims believe about God, prophets, the afterlife, etc.?: The basic beliefs of Muslims fall into six main categories, which are known as the “Articles of Faith”:
• Faith in the unity of God
• Faith in angels
• Faith in prophets
• Faith in the holly books.
• Faith in an afterlife
• Belief in Predestination. (That Allah has already decided what will happen. Muslims believe that this doesn’t stop human beings making free choices.)

Please allow me to explain in a very short time The six main categories of Articles of Faith.

Articles of Faith

1. Faith in the unity of God.

A Muslim believes in One God, Supreme and Eternal, Infinite and Mighty, Merciful and Compassionate, Creator and Provider.

God has no father nor mother, no sons nor daughters. He has not fathered anyone nor was He fathered. None equal to Him. He is God of all mankind, not of a special tribe or race.

God is High and Supreme but He is very near to the pious thoughtful believers; He answers their prayers and helps them. He loves the people who love Him and forgives their sins. He gives them peace, happiness, knowledge and success.

God is the Loving and the Provider, the Generous and the Benevolent, the Rich and the Independent, the Forgiving and the Clement, the Patient and the Appreciative, the Unique and the Protector, the Judge and the Peace. God’s attributes are mentioned in the Quran.

God creates in man the mind to understand, the soul and conscience to be good and righteous, the feelings and sentiments to be kind and humane. If we try to count His favours upon us, it is imposible, we cannot do that, because they are countless.

In return for all the great favours and mercy, God does not need anything from us, because he is Needless and Independent.

God asks us to know Him, to love Him and to enforce His Law for our own benefit and our own good.

2. A Muslim believes in the angels of God.

They are purely spiritual and splendid beings created by God. They require no food or drink or sleep. They have no physical desires nor material needs.

Angels spend their time in the service of God. Each charged with a certain duty. Angels cannot be seen by the naked eyes. Knowledge and truth are not entirely confined to sensory knowledge or sensory perception alone.

3. A Muslim believes in all the Messengers and Prophets of God without any discrimination.

All messengers were mortals, human beings, endowed with Divine revelations and appointed by God to teach mankind. The Holy Quran mentions the names of 25 messengers and prophets and states that there are others. These include Noah, Abrahim, Ishmael, Isaac, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad. Their message is the same and it is Islam and it came from One and the Same Source; God, and it is to submit to His will and to obey his law, ie, to become a Muslim.

4. A Muslim believes in all books, scriptures and revelations of God, as they were complete and in their original versions.

Revelations were given to guide the people to the right path of God. The Quran refers to the books revealed to Abrahim, Moses, David, Jesus and Muhammad.

Today, the books before the Quran do not exist in their original form. They are lost or corrupted or concealed. Weakness in the early period of Judaism and Christianity are partly responsible.

Today the Quran is the only authentic and complete book of God. No scholar has questioned the fact that the Quran today is the same as it was more than 1400 years ago. Muslims till today memorize the Quran word by word as a whole or in part.

God who revealed the Quran is protecting it from being lost, corrupted, or concealed.

5. A Muslim believes in afterlife and the day of Judgement.

This world as we know it will come to an end and the dead will rise to stand for their final and fair trial. Everything we do, say, make, intend and think are accounted for and kept in accurate records. They are brought up on the day of Judgement.

People with good records will be generously rewarded and warmly welcomed to God’s Heaven. People with bad records will be fairly punished and cast into Hell.

The real nature of Heaven and Hell are known to God only, but they are described by God in man’s familiar terms in the Quran.

If some good deeds are seen not to get full appreciation and credit in this life, they will receive full compensation and be widely acknowledged on the Day of Judgement.

If some people who commit sins, neglect God and indulge in immoral activities seem superficially successful and prosperous in this life, absolute justice will be done to them on the Day of Judgement.

The time of the Day of Judgement is only known to God and God alone.

6. Belief in Predestination. Muslim believes in “Qadaa” and “Qadar”.

That Allah has already decided what will happen. “Qadaa” and “Qadar” means the Timeless Knowledge of God and His power to plan and execute His plans. God is not indifferent to this world nor is He neutral to it.

God is Wise, Just and Loving and whatever He does must have a good motive, although we may fail sometimes to understand it fully.

We should have strong faith in God and accept whatever He does because our knowledge is limited and our thinking is based on individual consideration, whereas His knowledge is limitless and He plans on a universal basis.

Man should think, plan, and make sound choices, but if things do not happen the way he wants, he should not lose faith and surrender himself to mental strains or shattering worries.

May Allah guide us and other Muslim brothers to follow the Pleasure of Allah. Praise be to the Lors of the ‘Allamin (Mankinds, Jinns and all that exists) Wassalamu’allaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuh.
Thank you. (Gufron Sumariyono)
To be presented during the Ritual and Traditionil Ceremony on Saturday October 27, 2007. The wedding of : Miss Dina Ardina Rahmadewi (daughter of Mr. H.W.I.Mudjiantoro and Mrs Dokter Ugi Suginem Mudjiantoro Sp.Rad) and Mr Sudip Masoji (son of Dr Sumant Masoji and Mrs. Helga)


About Gufron Sumariyono

Born in Pati, Central Jawa on Nov 5, 1945. Retired in 2004. Joined ESQ, as Social Worker, Chairman of Wakaf ESQ 165 and Deputy LKESQ. Believe in the Islamic Socio Economic Concept/Syariah.
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